Chief White Bear;
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he is so fucking sweet 


nudes, sorry I don’t make the rules

so i should submit nudes to criddagucci is what youre saying?

oh my god

Anonymous: I've been worrying the past couple weeks cause im starting to think I might possibly have bipolar... can you tell me about it and what I should do?

well first, tell me why you think you have bipolar disorder.

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r.i.p. babies :(

i’m in such a better place because of last night o(*^▽^*)o
and i woke up to my dad getting me another beatles poster eeep.

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i hadn’t meditated in such a long time. so i decided to tonight to rid myself of all negative energy and balance my chakras.
during so, i was focusing on my ujjayi breath.
when i went to go put my hands back on my knees, it felt like i was so light, but with no energy.
i was hyperaware of touch. i could feel myself slipping into a type of unawareness of everything else.
and i could feel myself leaving my body.
it freaked me out so bad my body went into panic because this has never happened to me before.
ujjayi breath is very powerful, but i didn’t know it was that powerful. 
i’m going to have to keep trying again and train my body to not go into panic mode and just go with it.
terrifying but also a very unique experience. 

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oh god i fucking hope so
"Can I call you? I miss the sound of your voice."